Graduate of the Fine Arts School of Bordeaux in 2006, I devoted to the film practice at the end of my studies. I wrote, directed, produced
edited and distributed Some Sunny Days and Wild is the Wind, two feature films, before following and get in 2010,
the 'Werner Herzog's Rogue Film School Diploma' in New York. I then worked with the director Roy Andersson in Stockholm and I was selected
as a director at the International Center of Art and Landscape of Vassivière (France) where I realized my new movie Hot Dog.

I am particularly interested in the vastness and vacuity of the territories, their desert appearence and helpless but also their relationship
to contemplation and meditation.
My films are composed of strange, surrealism and absurd scenes that reflect a jubilant and decadent world. Also, to imagine, to write, to make a film
I choose places that give no indication of time, temporality, geographical anchor as civilization.
Then I use a "natural" set outside (field, forest, plain, desert, etc..) which give power to the situations and characters.
My work also includes a plastic dimension which combines installations and performances; 'BANG!' my last work, a monumental installation
of thirty pianos collapsed with each other, is a spectacular scene of desolation, almost burlesque.

My artistic approach could be defined as a reflection on the fiction, the infinite possibilities of cinema as to play freely narrative components,
temporalities and spaces, and disrupt the conventional perception.